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Having enjoyed Code Name Sonny, I could not wait to begin reading Mountains of Fire. Although I majored in History and have read much about World War II, this book introduced me to a part of the war that I knew little of — the French Resistance’s Freedom Trail to Spain. That alone was fascinating. Coupled with the dual story lines between past and present, I could not put this book down. Looking forward to The 13th Cohort!
Bill W.

“Few writers have described the war and its permutations as well” Grady Harp for Literary Aficionado

“Really enjoyed Code Name Sonny. Very engaging story and a page turner to keep finding out what’s going to happen next. Would make a great movie”Steve Broderick

 “The author has woven an intriguing story that will keep you, as it did me, looking forward to the next chapter, whether it is behind enemy lines in war-torn France or on the apparent calm of a small American town.”Paul J. For Readers’ Favorite


“The book, an engrossing spy thriller, masterfully interweaves past and present with the story of “Sonny” who idealistically joins up in 1944.” By Stacy Trevenon; Half Moon Bay Review.


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