Working with a publicist, Query letter going our(below) to 1000 literary agents, publishers, editors, etc… I have 10 reviews coming back from various sources and waiting on the Hollywood book festival contest. In addtion a Script writer contacted me, but she want 5000 to write script and promote to producers, directors, etc.  sounds good, but I don’t want to pay! Code Name Sonny is a 46k word WWII spy thriller set in 1944 France and 2000 New Hampshire. It’s 1942. America and its Allies are at war with the Germans and the Japanese, and Joe, a New Hampshire teenager, wants to be in the thick of it. Dispatched to England, Joe is given the codename, Sonny, and placed under the command of British officer Captain Scotty Smythe as part of Operation Bodyguard; Patton’s fake invasion of Pas de Calais. On New Year’s Eve 2000, Joe revealed to his wife Claire and his son Jack, his harrowing WWII experiences in France behind enemy lines. He had kept his secrets hidden from his family for 56 years, fearful that those whom he fought against might still alive to retaliate and harm his family. The story takes you on a thrilling journey, zigzagging back and forth between Sonny’s World War II experiences and his son Jack’s modern day investigation into his dad’s war service.  As the latter tries to unravel mysteries by tying together snippets of historical recollection with current news stories, Jack realizes too late the danger lurking close to home and past and present collide. I graduated from Norwich University in Vermont in 1980 with a BA in History and spent 12 years in military service in the Army, leaving at the rank of Major. I served as a company commander during Desert Shield and Desert Storm, earning the Bronze Star, Kuwait Liberation Medal and Combat Air Medal. My experiences as a United States Army combat company commander and a military history buff gave me insight to the workings of WWII operations and how they were conceived and accomplished. I have marketed my book with my website, Facebook and Twitter pages, and have sent out over 700 postcards to bookstores across the country. I am constantly acquiring reviews, entering contests, and requesting book signings and interviews. 2012 Beach Book Awards – Honorable Mention “5 Stars – This engrossing spy thriller masterfully interweaves past and present with the story of “Sonny” who idealistically joins up in 1944, the experiences he encounters and the fictional story of Sonny’s son Jack who discovers surprises and pursuers from his father’s past almost too late to save himself and his family.” –By Stacy Trevenon, Half Moon Bay Review “5 Stars – Code Name Sonny opens in 1944 with Joe (Sonny) and his friend Raymond witnessing the arrest of a local merchant as a spy by the FBI. Chapter 2, however, segues to New Year’s Eve, 1999, where Joe’s son, Jack, is made aware of his father’s WWII adventures. From here on, author Ken Pottie does a great job of flashing back and forth between WWII France and the chilling adventures taking place in Joe’s hometown in 2000.” –John Nicholas, If you would like more information I can send you a synopsis, sample chapters or the full version. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Ken Pottie

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