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Rating: 5.0 stars

Reviewed by Paul J. for Readers Favorite

Chapter One of the story begins in 1944 when Joe (Sonny) and his friend Raymond witness the arrest of a local merchant as a spy by the FBI. Both boys are intrigued and want so much to enter the war. Chapter Two moves to New Year’s Eve 1999 where for the first time Joe’s son, Jack, learns of his father’s real early service in WWII. This back and forth continues as the author Ken Pottie shows two sides of the story from WWII France to the dangerous circumstances surrounding Joe’s hometown in 2000. In 1944, Joe is only seventeen and is a member of the National Guard. Because of his fluency in French and knowledge of radio technology, he is selected for a top secret mission behind German lines in France. His job is to build and deliver radios to the French Resistance. Throughout the book, Joe’s dangerous mission is detailed alongside the equally life-threatening situation back home, almost sixty years later.

I really enjoyed this story. It is a simple tale, not exactly a mystery but more of an action adventure. I found myself quickly liking the characters, both in 1944 and in 2000. The plot is filled with deception, action, and an interesting conclusion. The author has woven an intriguing story that will keep you, as it did me, looking forward to the next chapter, whether it is behind enemy lines in war-torn France or on the apparent calm of a small American town.


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