3rd 5 star review this week!

Rating: 5.0 stars,  Reviewed by Stephanie D. for Readers Favorite

“Code Name Sonny” by K E Pottie is a riveting adventure spanning two generations. On the one hand we see young Joe, the Sonny of the title, taking on a secret mission during the Second World War. In parallel his son Jack is dragged into an adventure as a result of his father’s wartime activities. We alternate between the present and the past, sharing Joe’s original experiences and then dealing with the repercussions alongside Jack. Like many young men, Joe made a valuable contribution to the war effort. But now, more than fifty years later, his life is in danger because of it. Father and son work together to fight the threat. Jack discovers aspects of both his parents that he never knew about but he is brought especially close to his father. Reliving the past is painful for Joe. He saw some terrible things and carries great guilt. In particular he feels he failed a little French girl, Charlene.

This is a superbly written book. You can’t put it down. Every action in the story is believable and carried out by rounded, persuasive characters. You feel as if you know them. Ken Pottie shows great flexibility in creating both a contemporary and a historical setting so impressively for this story. There is every emotion from tension to tenderness. But it is an action-packed novel also with violence and life and death situations. The plot is complex and compelling, and the ending is both inevitable and unexpected.

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