Mountains of Fire first review is in!

Rating: 5.0 stars

Reviewed by Alice D. for Readers Favorite

Author K.E.Pottie continues his fabulous World War II story about the bravery of those in the French Resistance with this episode that sees Henri, Madeline and Charlene escaping Nazi-occupied France even though World War II is drawing to its ending days. OSS’s Lieutenant Robbie Robertson of Texas and his two men, Billy Waldron of Iowa and Tony Rizzo of New Jersey, join forces with these three characters from “Code Name Sonny” to escape to Spain through “Le Chemin de la Liberte”, the escape through high mountains, notably soaring Mount Valier, which begins at the Pyrenees. Henri, Madeline, Charlene and those around them find that their lives are in danger if they linger in France where the Vichy French turn in those who try to escape. Years later, in 2002, Sonny’s child, Jack, now a grown man, finds that he is being drawn back into working for the CIA as Nazis and French traitors still exist. Jack meets Charlene, now an old woman, who has used her inherited Virginia estate as headquarters to hunt down these present day Nazis. But there seems to be a “mole” in their midst. Can Jack, his wife Emily, Charlene, and Jean, whose French Resistance parents were killed long ago, defeat these present-day foes the way Henri, Lt. Robertson, Charlene, and those brave souls did back in those horrific years of World War II?

“Mountains of Fire” is a well-written story that contrasts events of modern times with those of long ago days of World War II. The story of Henri, Charlene, Madeline, and all the World War II characters’ survival and unexpected deaths during war times is a much stronger story than those chapters that tell present times when Jack, Emily, Charlene and the others confront modern day Nazis out to make dirty bombs. However, “Mountains of Fire” is both a good story and a remarkable one at that as it tells of the bravery of those in the French Resistance whose lives were threatened almost on a daily basis and who chose to escape. It is also a testimonial to those brave souls who reached out and offered assistance to the people, young and old alike, who stood up to the cruelty of the Nazis. This is a series that readers everywhere will love to follow.

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